Tips How To Capture Good Photos During An African Safari


It is said that safaris in Africa is an adventure of a lifetime. It is very famous of those who love animals, nature and photography. Many photographers are able to capture fascinating photos during the their trip. The cost for Kruger National Park or Masai Mara safari cost should be considered when selecting the safari. You will be able to find safaris that cater only to photographers. You can either bring your family or travel with a group for travellers who are photographers as well.

Memory cards
When travelling you need to consider carry a few memory cards around with you. Memory cards continue to become cheaper and carrying a few extra will not hurt you in any way as they are very light as well. There are memory card wallets that have been designed to protect them when carrying it around. This is a lot more convenient to you than carrying it in your pants or jacket.

Backing up
You need to have your photographs backed up. Backing it up everyday is the best. You can even get yourself a portable storage device, which is now available and can be used without a computer. This will help you save a lot of time rather than having to go back to your accommodation al the time. However, if you are on safari tours Kenya, Tanzania or Botswana, you can always carry your laptop without but this might be a hassle.

The lens
When you are capturing photographs of animals, you need to have a lens of 200mm to begin with. It will help you zoom in so that you can take a decent photograph. There are lenses that are more advanced which will cost you an extra few pennies but are worth it.

If you are travelling with your family, then do not forget them. Make sure that you take a few photographs with them as well and not just normal photographs. You can get as creative as you want to.

You need to be prepared for a crowd in the reserve. You might be parked near other safari jeeps and therefore, there will be kids and a lot of other photographers who will be trying to capture photographs of the animals as well.

Be on alert!
You need to be aware of the animals that might suddenly come charging towards the vehicle.

If you are interested in remembering what you see and will be told during the game drive, take notes while travelling.

need to carry your medications for dust and eye drops when necessary in case you need it. Have a good time!

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